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How To Download and/or Request For FUTA Reading Materials (100L - 500L)

If this is your first time of visitng the FutaNewsandGist website, we would like to give you a quick brief intro about FutaNewsandGist and then show you how you can download or request for FUTA Reading Materials (100 Level - 500 Level).

About FutaNewsandGist

  FutaNewsandGist is the Number 1 top educational site in the Federal University of Technology, Akure providing educative information and reading materials to both FUTA Students within the institution and Non-FUTA Students - since almost the first time of it's inception. 

    The website has been able to made a lot of positive impact by sharing reading materials, featuring Talented FUTArians, Entrepreneurs, and also the first COMING TO FUTA Seminar Series.

How To Download and/or Request for FUTA Reading Materials (100L - 500L)

   If you're looking for FUTA reading materials (from 100 Level - 500 Level) including Past Questions so you can better prepared, then you can get it from FutaNewsandGist via the below 2 options;

1. Download it FREE from FutaNewsandGist Website

We have published a lot of FREE Reading Materials on our website prior to before now which you can use for learning purposes. This reading materials ranges from department, as well as courses depending on your choices and includes Past questions, and Practise Questions.

    To access all of the reading materials we have published so far, 👉CLICK HERE TO BROWSE ALL OUR PUBLISHED READING MATERIALS 👈

2. REQUEST for Reading Materials (PAID and Recommended)

If you can't find your desired reading materials, Past Questions, e.t.c, on our website, there's a possible chance that either we do NOT have it yet or it is LOST somewhere deep in our reading materials database.
   If that is the case, we can help you look for the materials by searching our inner database or via the data in our hand.

How To Request For Reading Materials (100 Level - 500 Level)

If you are requesting for a reading material, we would like to first know the type of material it is, the department and level. When filling the form, kindly STATE CLEARLY the reading material so we can be able to help with it.

 To get started , please 👉 FILL THE FORM HERE 👈 to request for the materials not listed on our website..

Have any further questions? Get in touch with us via

File Manager Phone Number: 08100802923

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