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As the academic session for the year 2019/2020 comes closer to an end, here are 10 Aerial Photographs of FUTA CLASS '20 we think you should See.

Below are FUTA CLASS' 20 Departmental Aerial Photographs. 

1.  EWM FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

EWM FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

2. MEE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

MEE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

3. PHY FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

PHY FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

4. BDG FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

BDG FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

5. CHE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

CHE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

6. ARE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

ARE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

7. CSP FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

CSP FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

8. CVE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

CVE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

9. CPE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

CPE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

10. AGE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph

AGE FUTA CLASS '20 Departmental Aerial Photograph-

FUTA Class '20 : Ten Beautiful Aerial Departmental Pictures You Should See

Best Android App for Students

   Being a Student comes with a lot of responsibility - as you would have to learn how to juggle between catching up with lectures, revising your notes, making further research on certain things,  (sometimes staying up late at night), and all of other academic + non-academic activities.

  However, some of these tasks can be automated to help you save Stress and lots of time.

In this article, you'll discover 13 Best Android Apps to Help you Save both your Time and, Reduce Stress. It should be noted that these apps have also been segmented in their various categories, so you can easily pick your choice. 

   Now, Without wasting much of our time, Let's get started :) 

Educational App for Students

1. YouTube

Youtube image

   If there's any top #5 places in the world where you can find tonnes of educational videos, you'd definitely find YouTube on the list.
    YouTube is an American video sharing social media platform and often comes pre-installed with Android mobile phone.

  However, if you can't find YouTube App on your device, you can easily download one from Google Play Store.

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2. CalCES (Free Scientific Calculator Android App)

    CalCES is a freemium Scientific calculator Android App for students and engineering student. It provides powerful functions in a real scientific calculator 991 300 thus making the app become the most useful calculator for university and school.

3. Office Mobile Android App

    This App can be likened to the Android App version of the popular Microsoft Office, we all are used with on PC. 

  The Office Mobile brings you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all in ONE APP and you can take advantage of a seamless experience with Microsoft tools on the go with this Office app

4. WPS Office Android App

    WPS Office perform the same function with Office mobile and is popular in usage among students. 

  However, the main reason why FutaNewsandGist recommended Office Mobile was because we tested a particular document which didn't work on WPS but work with Office Mobile (#3) . 

5. Adobe PDF 

  The truth is ; Majority of the documents and reading materials you are likely to come across in school are going to be in PDF Format.

    For instance; if you browse the FutaNewsandGist reading materials section; as at the time of compiling this article, you'll find about 80 percent of the reading materials in PDF Format.

    While there are other apps that allows you to work with a Pdf document, FutaNewsandGist recommend you go with the Adobe Pdf. 

6. English Mini

    Instead of having to go online to lookup the meaning of a difficult word or learning pronunciation, the "English Mini Dictionary" can be your handy tool for that. 

Productivity Study Apps

7. Google Drive 

As time passes by during your time in the school whether you're in the (First semester 100L - 500L) or, (100L - 500L Second Semester) , you'd begin to accumulate lots of reading materials and sometimes, you'd have to refer back to a previous reading material.

    If you want to save the storage space of your mobile device, or you are looking for an online storage, you can take the advantage of the FREE 15GB provided by Google Drive App.

8. Alarm

    This is one of the most underestimated tool of our time that can help you get a lot of things done. 

    An Alarm App does not only help in waking you up and, but can also help you in managing your task by setting intervals for activities. 

  For instance ; You can use the Android App mentioned in #9 App to write the list of your tasks, and then use an Alarm #8 to keep a reminder of the tasks .

9. Google Keep Notes App

    With Google Keep Notes, you can easily Capture what’s on your mind by Adding notes, lists and photos to remind yourself of latter tasks. 

    Additional benefits of this App is the ability to Share ideas with friends and family by plan as you can share your Keep notes with others and collaborating on them in real time.

10. Xender Transfer App

    Xender can be regarded as the best sharing android app of all time which fulfill all of your transfer needs. You can use it to Transfer All type of files (App, Audi, pdf, word, excel, zip, Folder, etc) in any places, and at any time - without mobile data usage.

Lecture Capture App

11. Camscanner

    If you're looking for a free scanner app, CamScanner will turn your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR), and help you become more productive in school.

    This free scanner app will instantly scan, save, and share any document/reading material in PDF, JPG , Word or TXT formats.

Video Call Apps

12. Zoom

    Zoom is a video conferencing software developed by Zoom Video Communications, Inc a company which has its headquarters in San Jose. In the era of social distancing and, during the COVID-19 school break, Zoom had helped a lot of tutors and students to stay in touch.

    You can read about how to use Zoom Video Conferencing App (on All Devices) here.

What App are you using to manage your time? Feel free to share with us via the comment box below 

13. Google Meet

    Google Meet is also a video conferencing software that works like Zoom (but from Google LLC). It allows you to securely connect, collaborate, and celebrate from anywhere in the world.

    Kindly note that with Google Meet, you can join high-quality video meetings for groups of up to 250 people. You can download Google Meet App here

13 Best Android Apps For Students (To Save Stress and Time)

If you are a FUTA Student and would be having CBT Test, you would find on this article for the complete list of the Revised Time Table for the 2nd semester Computer Based Test.

FUTA CBT Revised Time-Table for 2nd Semester 2019/2020 Computer Based TESTS

Attached below is a visual for the CBT Time-table;

You can CLICK HERE to Download the CBT Test Time-table

FUTA CBT Revised Time-Table for 2nd Semester 2019/2020 Computer Based TEST

 This is to inform FUTA students of the ILEYA Transport Scheme for FUTArians going to location like LAGOS, IBADAN and OSHOGBO for the Ileya Festival.

FUTA ILEYA Transport Scheme

    The ILEYA transport scheme is a yearly transport scheme organized by the FUTASRC to ease the traveling of FUTA Students going to meet with their friends and family to celebrate the Ileya festival.

  Below are more details on the ILEYA Transport Scheme;

  • Date: July 17th, 18th, 19th, 2021
  • Transport Fee: Lagos - N2500 | Ibadan - N1200 | Oshogbo - N1200

Check out also: All Opportunities for FUTA Students (Undergraduates & Graduates)

For more information on the ILEYA Transport Scheme, interested FUTA Students can contact; Hon. Adeyemo Dotun, Deputy Speaker FUTASU SRC on 08078473072

[Latest Upate] - FUTA Transport Scheme for Students going for Ileya Festival

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) as part of its social investment initiative in education, invites applications from qualified candidates into the NLNG Post-Graduate Scholarship Scheme for master's degree programmes in the United Kingdom. 

Postgraduate scholarship

NIGERIA LNG LIMITED 2021 Postgraduate Scholarship Award Call for Entries. To apply, visit to apply. Go on the "Social performance" menu to select "Education" from the drop down menu.

  Then click on the "Post-Graduate Scholarship". 

For more details, see the below attachment 👇

NIGERIALNG Postgraduate Scholarship

Check out other Opportunities from here 

NIGERIA LNG Postgraduate Scholarship Awards 2021

 The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) wishes to invite entries for its 2021 National Essay Competition for undergraduates. This year's edition, the third in the series, will focus on Fifth Generation (5G) technology with the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness on 5G Technology.
  • Engage and enhance research.
  • Encourage academic competition & excellence.
  • Build capacity of undergraduates in Nigerian tertiary institutions.




  • All undergraduates in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (Private & Public).
  • All participants are expected to register their personal details in the form provided for download on the NCC website, signed by their Deans as genuine Nigerian Undergraduates.
  • All Essays will be subjected to plagiarism checks.
  • Winners will be invited by the Committee members to defend their essays by way of presentation.  Candidates that cannot successfully defend ther submissions will be disqualified.

Checkout: All Opportunities Posted so Far on FutaNewsandGist Website


  1. All entries will be assessed based on the following:
  2. Essay should contain a maximum of 1,000 words and a minimum of 500 words on the topic.
  3. Essay must have an abstract, introduction, main body and conclusion.
  4. Essay must be referenced.
  5. Essay will go through a rigorous selection process and scrutinized based on content, grammar and structure.
  6. All essays must be submitted to the NCC in PDF format with all necessary attachments.


  • 1ST PRIZE - Laptop, Printer and Cash Prize of N500,000
  • 2ND PRIZE - Cash Prize of N300,000
  • 3RD PRIZE - Cash Prize of N200,000



The deadline for submission of all entries is Friday, July 30, 2021.

Winning essays will be announced on Monday, September 13, 2021.


Entries should be sent to the following email: [email protected] and Facebook link:

For further enquiries, please contact 234-9-4617000 or 234-9-4617153.


>> Click here to download the registration form<<

Signed by:
Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde
Director, Public Affairs

Source: NCC Official Website

[Opportunities] - Apply for NCC National 3rd Essay Competition and WIN

 Perhaps one out of the many exciting events that happened in the previous month - we mean one which its effects still rub on the Tech Community is the product hackathon organized by the Akure Startup Ecosystem contributors , the HACK MAY.

FUTA Hack May -

About the Product HACK May Event (Reports Publication)

    The hackathon is a 48 hour product hackathon , first of its kind in the ecosystem, given it is geared towards fast tracking the development between ideation stages to a minimum viable product . One very key thing to note is that all leading teams with a viable solution went live within the 48 hours duration!

    Also , another very important thing is that the hackathon was designed to be hosted in partnership with different technical communities that will help speed up the development of products, problem solving and value provision to contribute to global human development .

READ ALSO: How to Join the Developer Student Club, FUTA

  The partnering organisations were Startup Grind Akure, Google Developers Student community , Github student community, Tme Education Poland and . Working with these organisations helps ensure sustainability given they possess a convergence of skilled and talented persons

Reports Credits: @Mosroid

HAC MAY in Pictures

Here are some picturs from the events 

Hack May FUTA - FutaNewsandGist

Hack May FUTA - FutaNewsandGist

Hack May FUTA - FutaNewsandGist

Hack May FUTA - FutaNewsandGist

Pictures Credits: DSC FUTA

Article compiled by: @tuhamworld

FUTA Hack MAY in Pictures + Report Publication (Featured)

 Want to meet like-minded Talents and Young professionals in FUTA? The FUTA Imagine upcoming event is an event you should start with

A gathering of Talents and Young professionals in FUTA

About the FUTAImagine Event 

Following the "Hack May hackathon" hosted at the Akure Tech Hub, Botanical Garden in FUTA ; FUTA Imagine is another promising event which is meant to be a gathering of Talents and Young professionals.

How To Register for the FUTAImagine Event

Visit the Registration link here and fill the required information.

FUTAImagine Event Details

Date : Friday, 4th June, 2021

Time : 3:00pm

Venue : Akure Tech Hub, Botanical Garden, FUTA

FUTAImagine : A Gathering of Talents and Young Professionals in FUTA

[UPDATE] - As of 29-05-2021, we just confirmed from MTN Direct Source that MTN Scholarship 2021 is NOW OUT.

   This is to inform all African students that the MTN Foundation Scholarship 2021 is NOW out and you can APPLY for absolutely FREE!

mtn foundation scholarship logo

MTN Foundation SCHOLARSHIP 2021 is a scholarship for students for Science and Technology and Blind Students .

   How To Apply For MTN Foundation Scholarship

To Apply For the mtn scholarship, click on MTN Foundation Scholarship to get started.

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for MTN Scholarship

 It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to Apply for the scholarship.

What are the Requirements for Applying for MTN Scholarship

You must be a Student in Science and Technology field before applying for the scholarship. Also the MTN Foundation 2021 Scholarship specify Student to be in their 3rd year.

6 Weeks Online Class for 100L and 200L Students

The information that which you'll provide to apply includes your 
- Personal Information 
- Institution Details 
- Your Education History
- and other necessary information 

MTN Foundation SCHOLARSHIP 2021 Is NOW Out! How To Register

The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) had announced the Supplementary Post-UTME Screening Exercise Schedule Date for the newly approved programmes (i.e. FUTA Medicine and Surgery MB.BS, LTT & PMT).

 Candidates who sat for the 2020/2021 UTME and, have changed to these newly approved programmes are to take note of the scheduled date as follows: 👇

Date: Saturday, 5th June, 2021


Venue: University CBT Centre, Obanla Campus

Additional Important Information;

1.   Candidates who have successfully changed to the new Programmes on FUTA JAMB Portal and are YET to register for the Post-UTME Screening on FUTA website are advised to do so not later than Friday, 4th June 2021 when the FUTA Website Portal for registration for the supplementary Post –UTME Screening will be closed.

2.  After registration, affected candidates should print the slip and present same at the venue on the day of the Screening. 

3. Candidates will be personally contacted at the specific time for the Screening.

4. Candidates are also advised to strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols while on Campus for the Screening.


R. A. Arifalo


DOWNLOAD: FUTA Post UTME Practise and Past Questions (All Subjects)