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The FUTA Career Information Session is an employability and entrepreneurship program aimed at preparing students for immediate entry into the workforce as employees and employers of labor.

The session is meant to equipping students with the market-aligned knowledge, soft skills, business tools, and a mindset reorientation to the world of work.

Photo 📸 Speaks : FUTA 300Level Entrepreneurship Products Exhibition 

    It provides a networking opportunity for students to learn about different core values for different companies/organizations and what employment opportunities they have to offer with the center focus on soft skills.

   This program is part of the commitments of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu administration to up-skill and create equal economic opportunities for Ondo State students.

 Training Date: 22nd November 2019
 Venue & Time: Hilltop Auditorium, 10:00am

 This program is powered by GIZ, ION (Ondo State Office of Innovation and Partnerships).

 Register here 

#Opportunities : FUTA Career and Entrepreneurship Information Session

Sequel to the previous post on the #FUTABullies FULL STORY and the University Decision, the Federal University of Technology, Akure had released the names of the Offenders.

#FUTABullies List of Names of the Offenders

1. Popoola Olaniyi.      IDD/300L
2. Oluwadamila Tobiloba.     FST/200L
3. Nandi Jessica.      IPE/200L
4. Ajuwon Emmanuelle.    FAT/100L
5. Emmanuel Funmilayo.  FAT/100L
6. Alao Olambimpe.            CSP/100L

The University also noted that the above names had ceased to be a Student of the Institution and placed on Indefinite suspension. 

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#FUTABullies - FUTA Releases List of Names of the Offenders

Recently a video went viral showing a FUTA Students (a lady to be precise) being bullied by some other students.
   The University has taken actions against the offenders but for those who might not know about the whole story, you can find the summary here.

FUTA Bullies Full story

FUTABullies FULL STORY (The Beginning)

 It all started when a video was released online showing the brutal beating and injustice of some students bullying a First Year Student from the department of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management. 

    The video consisted of some ladies with a guy who all contributed to the beating as well as assaulting of the lady. Below is a clip of the scene 

The FUTA Student UNION (FUTASU) Intervention

Immediately the FUTASU got wind of the situation, they quickly swung into action by reporting the case to the higher authorities and ensuring the offenders were brought to book.
   Below is a tweet from the FUTASU Official handle. 

The University Decision of the FUTABullies

After the matter was reported, the University didn't waste time on making the judgement. The matter was treated with urgency and panel committed were setup in an instant for the Judgement. Below is the reports from

Stay tuned for the next updates 
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Latest Updates 👉 FUTA Releases Names of the #FUTABullies Offenders 

#FUTABullies FULL STORY and the University Decision [Updated]

This is to inform the entire student populace that the ENTIRE CITY of Akure is currently void of power supply and NOT FUTA alone.
    Hence the reason why there hasn't been power supply ON CAMPUS and OFF CAMPUS.

Causes of The POWER FAILURE 

   The power problem has being identified to be from the POWER SOURCE at OSHOGBO.
   Based on information reaching us, this would be resolved soon.


 As we are in examination period and power supply is known to be paramount to our preparation; The UNIVERSITY GENERATOR would be powering the campus at CERTAIN PERIODS of the day, and most especially at night.
    We also sympathize with residents of the Obanla halls of residence that are faced with the power supply not being supplied to their hostels.

5 Quick Tips for Preparation of Exams
  This is as a result of a bad pole and wiring around the axis which is being replaced. THE FUTA Students UNION implore all students to remain strong in this period, as the inconveniences would not last longer than necessary. 


NOTICE OF POWER OUTAGE + Solutions in FUTA, Akure and Environs

In every second semester at the Federal University Of Technology, Akure; there's always a practical activity for all students to enable then learn something new or gain experience.

You can check 100level - 500 level Second Semester Practical Activity Courses for Futarians 

   In the case of the 300 level students, it is all about the Entrepreneurship Program which enables Students to learn a Skill for self-reliance.

About the ENT Practical Course

The Department of Entrepreneurship (ENT) was established on the 1st November 2011. The programme is to train self-reliant graduates, capable of setting up their own businesses who will be capable of looking inward by substituting locally produced raw materials to replace imported ones.

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The 300 Level ENT Course

Every students studying in FUTA once reached 300Level will be required to pick a Skill of their interest to learn during this semester.
   At the end of the semester, products as well as Skills exhibition will be displayed to show proof of their participation.

  Below are some pictures from the Products exhibition of 2018/2019 session 

You might want to also view more of the Photos on the Federal University of Technology, Akure Facebook Page


[PHOTOS SPEAK] - FUTA 300Level Students Products and Skills ENT Exhibition

As the examination D-day draw nearer and nearer; majority of students look forward in anxiousness whilst some look forward with excitement. Whichever category you belonged to; here are 5 quick tips we believe can help you better get prepared for exams.

1. Practise Old Exams and Test Questions

  One of the best ways (you shouldn't take for granted) to preparing for exams is reading practise past questions. This will help you gain an insights on how future exams are "likely" to be set. You can download some practise past questions from FutaNewsandGist website simply by searching for the one of your choice.
  Download FUTA Practise Past Questions on FutaNewsandGist

2. Give Yourself Enough Time to Study

  Trying to cover the work of a whole semester in less than 24 hours to Exam is just like trying to learn how to drive a car in a single day - without having have learnt it before. This is why it is extremely important for you to give yoursekf enough time to study so your brain can better assimilate whatever you read

3. Take Regular Breaks

  All Play and no Work makes Jack to be a dull boy but at the same time; also All Work and no Play can also makes Jack to be a Dull Boy. While it is extremely important for you to focus on books at this moment, it is also important for you to take a nap if needed.

      Remember; your Health is the utmost important and you wouldn't want to BREAK-DOWN or collapse in the exam Hall.
Very Interesting KeyNotes from the World Mental Health Day 2019

 4. Study Groups can be Very Helpful

While some people find it pretty helpful to study alone; some find it more enjoyable studying with a group of friends. Irregardless of the category you belonged to; you can also take some time to read together with a group of friends once in a while.
    With thise; you'll be able to learn from someone else too just as someone else will learn from you.

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5. Share with others, What You Know

If you feel you have an upper advantage on a particular subject; you can also teach others too. Doing so will be some sort of repetition to you and thus will enable you master that course you are teaching someone else.

5 Quick Tips For Successful Preparation of FUTA Exams

FUTA Final Year Students of Class '19 called Valiants' 19 Sign out With Remarkable Photos. See some of the photos below
Superwozzy FUTA graduate
Superwozzy FUTA Graduate

FUTA Valiants '19
FUTA Valiants '19
a5ive the custom tailor
a5ive futa graduate

FUTA Final Year Students Class '19 Sign out With Amazing Photos

👉   Some people have Awesome writing skills but speaking in Public is something they felt they can't do...

  👉 While some can speak in Public but stitching words on Paper usually feel difficult.

  This is why the Al-furqan PRESS is organizing a 3 Day PRESS Colloquium.

What You'll Learn from the 3 Day PRESS COLLOQUIUM

  • General Writing Skill
  • CV Writing
  • News Writing
  • Public Speaking Skill
  • Radio Broadcasting Skill
  • Introduction to Graphics Design
  • Debates
Objectives of the Program: The program is aimed at equipping participants with essential skills in the areas of writing, public speaking and broadcasting.

How To Register for the  3 Day PRESS Colloquium

Make a payment of #500 via the below account details;
Account Number - 0122985292
Account Name : Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, FUTA BRANCH

NOTE: The payment covers both registration fee + Certificate of Participation as well as refreshments.  For Cash payments and Bank transfer confirmation; Contact (Bro. Garuba Habeeb on 08167236638)

[AL-FURQAN PRESS COLLOQUIUM ] - Learn how to Write Effectively and Speak in Public with Confidence

This is to inform the FUTA aspirants of 2019/2020 that the admission list is now out. On this article you'll find how to check your admission status

How To Check Admission List on JAMB CAPS

Step 1 : You'll need to Visit jamb.org.ng/efacility

Step 2: Log in to your JAMB profile with your username and password.

Step 3: Then, Scroll down. And locate the Admission Status.

Step 4: ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.

Step 5: Select your Exam year and Enter your registration number in the required columns.

 Then, click on ‘Check Admission Status‘ to access your FUTA admission status.

You might also want to Download FUTA Anthem + Lyrics

How To Check FUTA Admission List on FUTA.edu.ng Portal

2. Then enter your Registration UTME/DE Number

3. Now click on Submit 

FUTA Admission List 2019/2020 Now Out : How To Check Yours

If you're a Futarian and would like to know the FUTA Anthem both in lyrics or to download the audio ; you'll be able to do so from this article.

FUTA Anthem Audio Download

You can download the FUTA Anthem (Audio) here

FUTA Anthem Lyrics

Great futarian…. Great!
 Great futarian…. Great!

Ever winning, ever leading, ever peaceful
 Advancing the cause of technology.

 FUTA…. Land of ancient landmarks!

 FUTA… For national progress!!

 Academic excellence is your tradition
 Technology for self reliance!


Did you know About These FREE Computers at FUTA Library? 

 Self reliance… Yes!
 Self reliance… Yes!

 Promoting love, unity and not cultism Championing the cause of technology

 FUTA… The shining example..

 FUTA… The pride of nigeria.

 With God’s blessing on our sides,  We shall go places.

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 FUTA… For self reliance….

 FU U U U U T A A A A A learn it ok. Greatest futarian. Great.

Credits : Audio shared by Fasco MTS '22, Uploaded by Tuham MTS' 22

Watch Video below

FUTA Anthem Audio + Lyrics