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Are you interested in joinning the Impact Leaders Club, FUTA? If yes; the offer for new members to join has been opened and application closes on 21st, August 2019.

The Impact Leaders Club which is an Impact Your World Lead Initiative is a club which through their diverse initiatives and programs helps to identify talents and nurture dreams.
 At Impact Leaders Club, our focus is to elevate and instill distinctive and effective leadership in FUTA Students.

How to Apply To Join the Impact Leaders Club, FUTA

You'll need to obtain the membership application form of the club. Membership form can be obtained from the ILC Ambassador in your faculty. See below image for each of the details and their contact numbers.

When is the Application going to Close?

  According to the information from there; the Impact Leaders Club, FUTA memebership application closes on 21st of August, 2019 and all forms must be returned on or before the 23rd of August, 2019.

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Application for the Impact Leadership Club, FUTA

    Are you searching for UK Universities admission agencies from Nigeria to pursue your masters and undergraduate programmes? then this is the right post for you. New Way Consultancy is an accredited and registered UK admission agency operating in Nigeria and in the UK.

best UK university agency

    Without doubt,  United Kingdom has lot of most outstanding Universities in the the whole world. Perhaps that's the major reason why study in the UK from Nigeria is one of the popular destination for young Nigerians students who want quality education. This is the reason why UK Universities accredited agent from Nigeria is very important.

Did You Know?

      As of 2016, about over 17,000 Nigerian students are studying in various UK universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the numbers keep growing. Chances are that you also want to join them for best educational experiences.


         The major problem is - the process and requirements for admission into UK universities are cumbersome and sometimes could be frustrating if one is not familiar with the procedures.

 However do not worry; as thats where New Way Consultancy comes in. It is a well trusted UK universities Agency in Nigeria.
[Disclaimer - This is a Sponsored Post]

New Way Consultancy, Who Are We?

New Way Consultancy (British Council Listed Education Agent) is one of the leading and fastest growing overseas education consulting firms with a group of British graduate from top UK University, dynamic and experienced. We are;

What New Way Consultancy Will Do For You 

New Way Consultancy is the official UK University Agent in Nigeria. Every year a quite handsome number of students apply for higher education in the UK from Nigeria. New Way Consultancy is a top Nigeria UK University partner, and our international education consultants which will ensure you find a place on the right UK course for both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

      You will be guided step by step from school search to when you'd arrived in UK. You can contact us today with 08030447894 or Click HERE to WhatsApp Us Directly.  And be rest assured; you will get immediate response no matter what.

That's not all...

  We can also easily walk you through the process of getting admission into various partner universities in the UK. In case you want to study in any of the universities listed below which we're about to mention, New way Consultancy is the best way to go.
    We can easily walk you through the admission process into any of the UN universities below:

1. University of East London
2. Birmingham City University
3. University of Chester
4. University of the West of Scotland
5. Anglia Ruskin University London
6. The University of Ulster Birmingham
7. Ulster University Birmingham
8. University of the West of England
9. University of Suffolk
10. Northumbria University London
11. University of Bedfordshire
12. De Montfort University
13. University of Leicester
14. Newcastle University
15. University of Worcester
16. Oxford Brooks University
17. University of Hertfordshire
18. Teesside University
19. University of Law
20. University of Sunderland
21. University of Lincoln
22. St Mary’s University London
23. Arden University
24. York St John University
25. Oxford Education group
26. University of Greenwich
27. Bangor University
28. University of Dundee
29. Navitas
30. Brunel University
31. Anglia Ruskin University
32. Birmingham City University
33. Brunel University London
34. University of Hertfordshire
35. University of Northampton
36. Plymouth University
37. University of Portsmouth
38. Robert Gordon University
39. Swansea University
40. Study Group
41. Bellerbys College
42. Coventry University London
43. Durham University
44. Keele University
45. Kingston University
46. Lancaster University
47. Royal Holloway, University of London
48. University College Dublin
49. University of Huddersfield
50. University of Leeds
51. University of Leicester
52. University of Lincoln
53. Liverpool John Moores University
54. University of Sheffield
55. University of Strathclyde
56. University of Surrey
57. University of Sussex

Entry requirements for UK universities for students from Nigeria

One of the things you need to bear in mind while pursuing admission into any UK university is the admission requirements.  Beware that, course entry requirements can vary depending on the university and degree you choose. We only provided you with general requirements check list for undergraduate and postgraduate. You can further check other requirements for masters and Undergraduate admission in the UK universities.

Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Courses (First degree) in UK Universities from Nigeria

Most Universities in the UK  accept the Senior School Certificate (SSCE) or West African Senior School Certificate (WAEC) or the NECO with a minimum of 5 subjects at grade B or C PLUS a recognized university foundation course. Having this as an undergraduate who want to study in the UK from Nigeria is a good start.
    You can contact us today with 08030447894. Or Click HERE to WhatsApp Us Directly. You will get immediate response.

The Best UK Universities Agency From Nigeria and How To Contact Them

This is to inform all fresh Undergraduates of the 2017/2018 Session that the Chest X-ray for Medical Registration has started.

latest futa updates by

Whats the Chest X-ray Medical Exercise all about?

 The Chest X-ray is part of the Medical Registration Exercise which is meant for all Fresh Undergraduates of the 2017/2018 Session irregardless of their department.

  When does the Medical Exercise Commences?

The Medical Registration Exercise for the Chest X-ray Commences on Wednesday, 14th of August, 2019 and the deadline is yet to be announced which we're sure would likely to end pretty soon.

Did you also Know About the : Extension of Normal Registration For All Students 

Venue and Time of the Medical Registration Exercise for Chest X-Ray

  The Venue for the exercise is the X-ray room which is at the School Health Centre.
    The exercise Commences 8:00AM daily

What is expected to be Brought Along for the Medical Exercise? 

  If you're coming for the Chest X-ray Medical Exercise; you MUST come along with your School identity card.
   This is to verify you as a Student and also in order to be able to award Serial number for the reg.

See also : How To Register and Start Using FUTA Library 

How can I know if it's the turn of my Faculty for the Exercise?

  As at the time of writing this article ; The Exercise is done based on First come, first served irregardless of your department/faculty.

   For more information, you can CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CIRCULAR NOTIFICATION(Image) 

Medical Registration Exercise Commences Today For All 200L Undergraduates

Hero to Zero Short Story Series ONLY on

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


 A young Undergraduate in his early twenties felt on the top of the world as he saw his matric number being featured on the Dean list.

 It was his fifth time of being featured on the dean list and the academic future seems very bright.

 "If you continue like this, you are very much likely to continue your masters in the United Kingdom or United States on FULL Scholarship" - His HOD had once commended HIM.

 His father who was a business tycoon ensured his one and only son lacked nothing when it comes to funds.

And his mother leaves no stone untouched when it comes to caring for her child welfare.

 Suddenly, a lightning 🌩  struck in the boy's life which turned his world upside down!

 What really happened?

 Find out from the Short Story Series titled Hero to Zero on every week on Tuesday

Story written by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)
Shared first on FutaNewsandGist
Copyright © FutaNewsandGist x Tuham

[Fictional Short Story] - From Hero to Zero

One of the most important social network an Undergraduate or most especially - a Graduate should have is ;a LinkedIn account. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Linkedin as a Graduate or a Student

According to SearchEngineJournal; Linkedin is on Number #3 out of the 7 Biggest Social Network Sites in 2019. LinkedIn is best for you as a student and as a Graduate because;

1. Meet Like-Minded Genius People

On Linkedin; you get to meet like-minded people in other social network sites but linkedin is the most easiest place to discover someone from another Institution studying the same course you are.

2. Discover Latest Job Opportunities

There's only a social network sites which frequently post about Job opportunities and that is Linkedin. Linkedin large users consists of mostly businessmen, students, entrepreneurs, and organizations hence you can be sure to easily find job opportunities.

3. It Represent Your Professional Online CV

 Apart from you physical Curriculum Vitae which you go round about submitting to companies; Linkedin represent your professional online CV.
   Companies can easily find out your talent, which course you studied and any necessary professional information they might need.

4. Visibility on Search Engine

Have you ever tried to search for your name on Google? If yes; you can open a new tab right now and give it a try.
   What results does it shows you?
Linkedin gives you the ability to add your professional bio, educational qualification, skills and experiences then display it on Google search engine for FREE.

Featured: 10 Do's and Don'ts of Social Media For Effective Use and Safety

5. Share your expertise with the world

  Not only that you'll be able to meet other experts in the industry; you'd also at the same time be able to share your expertise with the world using Linkedin. 

   Linkedin is a great place to share your experience and educational prowess with the world. It also allows you to meet other experts in your fields where you can easily rub minds together.

Linkedin Signup

   Ready to have a Linkedin account?
    You can easily sign up for a Linkedin account for FREE here.

[For Graduates] - 5 Reasons Why You Really Need To Be on LinkedIn

PMT 210 is a course about principles of economics which is meant to familiarize students and introduce them to the use of economics for the pursuit of economic growth. To know more about the course as well as the objectives, Units, course instructors and etc. CLICK HERE

PMT 210 Reading Materials

Below are the list of pmt 210 reading materials you can download. These reading materials won't only get you started on PMT but will also enables you to better understand the course.

Reading material Credits (those that helped get the materials) : Olanrewaju MTS, Sir Aleem, Tuham

PMT 210 Reading Materials + Course Details

Recently on FutaNewsandGist; we made a post about the Late Registration For Course Form as well as how to make the payment for Late Registration.
  Well, the Good NEWS is; there has been an extension for duration of Normal Registration. Below is the memo from the FUTASU PRO.


                  INTERNAL MEMO


This is to inform the entire student populace that the portal for course form registration will be re-opened starting from Monday,  for the next two weeks for normal registration following the stakeholders meeting that held earlier today at the University Hilltop Auditorium.

     The portal will be closed for registration this semester on the 25th of August,  2019. It has been agreed that henceforth registration duration will be as stated on the University Academic Calendar.

Students are advice to utilize this duration to do the needful. Students who have paid for late registration before now are to proceed to the office of the Public Relations Officer,  FUTASU to drop their details at it would be compiled and submitted to the University for a refund.

Aluta Continua,  Victoria Ascerta.!



Extension of Normal Registration + Late Registration Fee Reversed

"Night Class" is a popular term you'd often hear among University Students. It is the usually the time most students go to Study so they can better assimilate what they're trying to read without disturbance.

However whilst some go there for reading, some students go to night class for the sake of Fun, while others go there because of something entirely else.


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Funny Different types of Students in Night Class [Video]

Checkout the Video below from a Futa Students @Dah-Unique on different types of Students in Night Class.

[Video] - The Different Types of Students In Night Class

If you've been wondering as to how you can make payment for Late Registration fee for your Course form, you'll find a FULL DETAILS on how to do so on this article with pictures so you can better understand the concept.

 Recently, an important announcement was made for all FUTA Students that the late registration has finally commenced which started on 5th of August, 2019 and ends on 11th of August, 2019. You can read about the late course form registration here.

   This simply means if you haven't submitted your course form before the late registration begins; you will have to pay the late registration fee.

How To Make Payment For Late Registration Course Form

There are three steps to make payment for late registration. FIRST; you'll need to Generate the Invoice for Late Registration.
   SECOND; you'll need to pay the Invoice generated at Remitta or via bank.
THIRDLY; you'll need to confirm your invoice from your dashboard

FIRST STEP- Generating Invoice from your Dashboard

Step 1 - Login to the FUTA Undergraduate Student Portal

Step 2 - Navigate to Payments at the MENU section of your dashboard (as seen in the below picture)


Step 3 - Click on Generate Invoice and select neccessary details like; Payment type, Level, Session as well as Semester.


Step 5 - Now select "Generate Invoice Now"


Albert Ilemobade FUTA Biggest Library Guide
How to Apply for FUTA HOSTEL Accomodation
How You Can Easily Print Your Course Form on FUTA Portal
Registration and Using the FUTA e-Learning Website (Guide)

SECOND STEP - Making Payment of the Invoice Generated

 You can make payment of the Invoice generated from the list of Banks on your Invoice slip. Or you could make the payment at the Remitta Official Website.

THIRD STEP - Confirming the Payment you've Made

 After successfully making the payment; then follow the below Guide;

STEP 1 -  Login back to the Futa Undergraduate Portal
STEP 2 - Click on Payments >> Confirm Payment
STEP 3 - Enter the necessary details and click on "confirm payment now"

How To Make Payment For Late Registration Course Form