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If you're a Futarian and would like to know the FUTA Anthem both in lyrics or to download the audio ; you'll be able to do so from this article.

FUTA Anthem Audio Download

You can download the FUTA Anthem (Audio) here

FUTA Anthem Lyrics

Great futarian…. Great!
 Great futarian…. Great!

Ever winning, ever leading, ever peaceful
 Advancing the cause of technology.

 FUTA…. Land of ancient landmarks!

 FUTA… For national progress!!

 Academic excellence is your tradition
 Technology for self reliance!


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 Self reliance… Yes!
 Self reliance… Yes!

 Promoting love, unity and not cultism Championing the cause of technology

 FUTA… The shining example..

 FUTA… The pride of nigeria.

 With God’s blessing on our sides,  We shall go places.

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 FUTA… For self reliance….

 FU U U U U T A A A A A learn it ok. Greatest futarian. Great.

Credits : Audio shared by Fasco MTS '22, Uploaded by Tuham MTS' 22

You can now Download FUTA Anthem in Audio + Lyrics

Have you ever feel like eating beans cake (called Akara) or Moimoi but do not want to go through the herculean task of picking beans, washing and grinding it?

     Here's a more quicker solution as FutaNewsandGist Introduces AKARA Powder .

What is Akara Beans Powder?

  Akara Powder is simply beans in powdery form which makes it easier for consumers to make their Moimoi and Akara food in little time and more convenient.
   The concept was developed out of the need to solve students problem who might wanted to eat such type of food but do not want to go through the hassle of picking, washing, and grinding beans.

What our Partnership with Akara Powder means?

 At FutaNewsandGist, our major aim is to disseminate as well as educate and inform the community. Also we open a section earlier this year to feature Talented Futarians (like Dah_Unique the Comedian) and Lodge4me Hostel + Accommodation Solution :)

   Our Partnership with Akara Powder include a new category tagged "Akara Powder" where the FNG Editor will be publishing tips on Akara recipe which will be provided by the Akara Powder brand.

Akara Powder food recipe

For more enquiries or to Order for Akara Powder, Contact

👉 Bro Jamiu FutaNewsandGist (founder of Akara Powder) on +234 703 589 1211

👉 Sir D (FutaNewsandGist File Manager) on +234 810 080 2923

FutaNewsandGist x AKARA POWDER = YUMMY Meals for all Futarians

What is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 contacts

World Mental Health Day 2019 Events and Theme

The World Mental Health Day 2019 Theme was based on Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention. The program held at T.I Francis Auditorium in FUTA by the Guest Speaker, Dr Kunle Adesokan - Consultant Psychiatrist, FMC, Owo discuss a great length about how to promote mental health as well as suicide prevention.

KeyNotes From the World Mental Health Day 2019 Held at FUTA

"People who commits suicide don't want to end their life. They want to end their Pain. Meanwhile they did not end the pain, they only pass it to their loved ones left behind"

The above talks about how Suicide victim usually think before they ends their life. And also encourages them to stay strong, face the challenge and share their struggles instead of bottling it up.

 Mental Health Helpline

If you know someone who's battling depression or you yourself is facing the struggle; here are some of the contacts you can call.

SURPIN (Suicide.Representative. Research. Initiative) HOTLINES



KeyNotes from the World Mental Health Day 2019 Event @ FUTA

The Neuropsychiatric Specialist Hospital, AKURE in collaboration with Federal University of Technology, Akure (Student Affairs Division) commemorate the World Mental Health Day 2019 by holding a lecture program at T.I Francis Auditorium.

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention @T.I Francis Auditorium

If you're currently in 200 level in the School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology (SAAT) and would like to download reading materials for the 2nd semester.

Checkout FUTA 200LEVEL READING MATERIALS (First Semester) 

   You'll find them listed on this post the 200 level reading materials for SAAT in 2nd Semester.

FUTA 200 level Reading Materials For SAAT (2nd Semester)

👉 Download APH Poultry Diseases pdf

FUTA 200 Level Reading Materials for SAAT (2nd Semester)

If you're looking for  source for latest scholarships, opportunities for african youths, opportunities for students in Nigeria and more. Here are list of some of the website below

List of Website for Opportunities for Students, Africans and Latest Scholarships


List of Websites For Opportunities for Students in Nigeria and Africans

GNS 106 Philosophy is a course which talks about Philosophy in related to Technology, Human and Culture. It a Compulsory course for all 100 level FUTA Students. On this article ; you'll get to download the past questions of reading materials of GNS 106
The Philosophy CBT and CBE usually comes in German as well as multiple choice questions. However future changes might be considered by the school authority. 

  FUTA 100 Level Reading Materials + Past Questions [2nd Semester]

GNS 106 Past Questions

Download GNS 106 Philosophy [Past Questions]

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Every 1st of October is a day where Nigerians celebrate the independence of the country. Today on the 1st of October, 2019, Nigeria marks its 59th Independence Anniversary

What is Nigerian Independence Day all about? 

Independence Day is an official national holiday in Nigeria, celebrated on the first of October. It marks Nigeria's proclamation of independence from British rule on 1 October 1960.

Why You Shouldn't be a Copycat (by Sir Aleem) 

Did you know?

The celebrations of Nigerian Independence in the U.S. are the largest celebrations outside of Nigeria, and usually attract around 75,000 people every year. [Wikipedia]

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria 🇳🇬

According to the previous article on FutaNewsandGist.com, we defined PMT as a course about principles of economics to help students familiarize themselves with the knowledge of economics using it in pursuit of economic growth.

In case you missed it, you can checkout the Intro + PMT 210 Reading Materials Here.

PMT 210 Past Questions

👉 Download PMT 210 Past Questions Here 1(181kb)

👉 Download ECN/PMT 214 Past Questions Here 2 (283kb)

Download PMT 210 Past Questions (2nd Semester)


The students' union leaders of a University whose trademark is technology for self reliance has set up a digital skills acquisition training for the entire student populace. The event which is birthed via a partnership with Google Haptics to equip students with skills such has:

• Digital Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Web design
• E-commerce

Students interested in attending the event should register via this link : http://bit.ly/futagdsa

The training is set to hold as follows :

Venue: T. I Francis Auditorium,  FUTA.

Date: 9th of October,   2019

Time: 10:00am

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_*For enquiries contact :*_  08172639236 - Pendragon. (Treasurer,  FUTASU)

*FUTASU PRO 19/20*

From Futanewsandgist Desk

If you think you won't be able to make it to the venue ; you can learn the Digital Skills Online by clicking here

Learn Google Digital Skills For FREE (Training) in FUTA