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[UPDATE] - As at of 28-05-2020, we just confirmed from MTN Direct Source that MTN SCholarship 2020 is NOT yet out.

   This is to inform all African students that the MTN Foundation Scholarship 2020 is not yet out and you can APPLY for absolutely FREE!

mtn foundation scholarship logo

MTN Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship for African students most especially in Science and Technology.

   How To Apply For MTN Foundation Scholarship

To Apply For the mtn scholarship, click on MTN Foundation Scholarship to get started.

How Much Will It Cost to Apply for MTN Scholarship

 It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to Apply for the scholarship.

What are the Requirements for Applying for MTN Scholarship

You must be a Student before applying for the scholarship. The information that which you'll provide to apply includes your 
- Personal Information 
- Institution Details 
- Your Education History
- and other necessary information 

[UPDATE] MTN Foundation SCHOLARSHIP 2020 Is Not Yet Out ( For All Nigerian Students)

On the 20th of March 2020, the Federal University of Technology, Akure among all other higher institutions "ceased all Academic Activities in the school" FOLLOWING the ORDER by the Federal Government on closure of schools nationwide to curb the coronavirus spread.

      - Although prior to the COVID-19 pandemic virus, the Nigerian education sector had been quite unstable due to ASUU STRIKE

  Amidst all of these unstability; you might want to panic as a Student feeling unsure of what the Future will bring. In this article; we decided to take a look at the impact in Education and what students should do NEXT.

Covid-19 and Education -

Covid-19 News: The Reality

 The reality is the "Educational Sector" is NOT going to be the Same, at least for the next few months as long as the Coronavirus Pandemic Virus is still on rampage. 

   Some institutions in developed countries had though been responding to this disruption of Education by taking classes online - even though they (developed countries) had some challenges too based on this sudden heavy reliance on e-learning platform.

   Some of the Struggles and Disadvantages of Online Learning for developed countries is missing out the fun associated with physical learning and for developing countries - the instruments and access to internet is not feasible. 

COVID-19 and Education: What NEXT?

Despite the Challenges, there has been several response to the disruption of Education globally - you can find the "UNESCO COVID-19 Education Disruption and Response" via this link, Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) commencing online radio lessons for pupils (Source: Punch.Ng), and FREE elearning Classes online launched by FG for all students (Source: PremiumTimes).

  As a Student in Higher Institution, Where Should You Begin From?

 You should begin by improvising yourself - both in terms of formal and self-education since physical classroom is out of it.

Where to start from -

    However if you are someone who's not used to online learning, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the resources out there (as there are LOTS of e-learning RESOURCES) so much that - you might NOT know where to start from. 
    But do NOT worry; in our subsequent articles here on FNG, we'll be sharing useful resources to make the most of your stay at home. 

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P.S:    For now, the most important thing is to #STAYSAFE and avoid contacting the virus. See you next time ;)

COVID-19 and Education: An Important NOTE To All Nigerian Students

COVID-19 Pandemic Virus has gripped the whole nation and there seems to be rising cases day by day. 

    Although the Government had also been working very hard to ensure to contain the spread of this disease, the people also had a role to play by playing safe and taking precaution when in public.

Ondo State COVID 19 Update

As at of 10:54pm on 17th of May, 2020, below are the statistics of COVID-19 Cases in Ondo State

Total Confirmed cases: 20
Death: 1
Discharged: 13
Active Cases: 6

CORONAVIRUS: The Good News, The Bad and The Worse

Wearing of Face Mask Compulsory in Public

Ondo State Government in person of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu had also mandated for residents of Ondo state the wearing of nose masks in public which had taken effect from April 24th. He noted that the use of face masks was part of measures to curb the spread of the novel virus in the state.

Ondo State Covid 19 Update: 4+1 New Cases Confirmed, Wearing Face Mask Compulsory

On Wednesday, 23rd April 2020, Andela in partnership with Grow with Google, and Pluralsight launched 2020’s Google Africa Developer Scholarship program to benefit technologists in Africa!

Google africa developer scholarship - futanewsandgist

About Google Africa Developer Scholarship

Google Africa Developer Scholarship is a yearly scholarship program by Google in Partnertship with Andela and Pluralsights to train African to become a Certified and Developer and SuperGood with it.

Checkout: All You Need To Know About Google Africa Developer Scholaship ['19] 

This is an opportunity for aspiring developers who want to kick start their journey in tech and existing developers who would like to further advance their knowledge and skills in Android, Google Cloud, and Mobile Web technologies.

   Through this program, Andela  aim to continuously engage with developers in their journey to becoming a professional with skills that can get them employment opportunities after the program.

How To Apply for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship

Application Link:

Programs to Learn from the Developer Scholarship

✅Google Cloud
✅Mobile Web

Learn more and apply here:

Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020 Program Now Open!

UTOPIA DESIGN ACADEMY would be holding her first 6 weeks online BootCamp for Graphics Design, Blogging, and FREELANCE.
  This is another opportunity to Learn/upgrade your 21st Experience Skills. 

What you'll Learn from the Utopia BootCamp 

1. Graphics Design 

 Whether you are an Intermediate or Expert, you'll get to learn from Instructors who have vast experience in the field of Graphics design. 

2. Blogging 

 This is not the type of Blogging where you'll slapping in just any contents. The course is basically title Blogging 101 hich is introduction to what Blogging is, how to create one as well as manage it. 

3. Freelancing 

  Want to know what Freelancing is all about and how to get started, the Instructor in charge is in arms waiting for you to devour all your questions and puzzles and mysteries you have about Freelancing 

Meet the Instructors 

21st Century Skills Instructors

How to Join the Utopia Academy BootCamp 

   To join the BootCamp, 
Please pay the amount of #3,000 in the account details below :

Akinbinu Tolulope
 First Bank

and send confirmation to the whatsapp group below:

Contact: 08173488071 or 08130097879 for more details

Utopia STEP UP DESIGN 1.0 : Online Graphics Design Bootcamp and 21st Century Skills

Ondo State yesterday Confirms first Case of Coronavirus on April 3rd, 2020. However, Akeredolu urged people not to be scare as the necessary and extra-steps are being taken on the matter. Below is the full speech
Ondo State first Case of Coronavirus

Governor Akeredolu Speech on first Coronavirus confirmed case in Ondo State 

Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has said that the state is well equipped to treat the only COVID-19 patient it currently has.

Governor Akeredolu said the patient would not be transferred to Lagos State.

Speaking at a world press conference in Akure, Governor Akeredolu said the state’s own Infectious Disease Hospital where the patient is currently admitted has all the needed facilities.

The Ondo Governor urged the people not to be scared as the patient did not leave the premises of a military barrack when he returned from Indian.

Akeredolu stated that the military officer returned from Indian on an official assignment and was placed on self isolation but developed symptoms on Friday which made his samples to be collected and tested positive.

Coronavirus : The Good News, The Bad news and the Worse 

He said they have begun contact tracing and told those traced to self isolate in the barracks.

According to him, “We have moved the patient to our Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH). He has been receiving treatment and has been stable.

“If you trace the history of the officer, it leaves us with little or no potential of expansion. The man came in from Indian and on his return placed himself on self isolation. Whatever it is, all we have to do to prevent the spread has been done with this man being in self isolation

“We have contained it within a room or the barrack. There was never a time the man left the barrack. Our people has no reason to fear. We want to strengthen our precautionary measures. The schools closure 

Akeredolu reassures People after COVID-19 first case in Ondo State

Coronavirus disease popularly known as (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) a virus which has gotten pandemic in recent times [Wikipedia] .

    On this article; we shall be taking a look at some serious and most notable effects of this pandemic virus in the nation.

coronavirus good news stories - FutaNewsandGist

#COVID19Pandemic - The Good News

Tearing people apart and bringing them together - to fight for a Cause

Before the outbreak of Coronavirus; many people lived in solitude (either due to the nature of their work or lifestyle) not caring what happen to the next neighbor, in the next street talk less of other countries.  Suddenly Covid-19 became something everyone stick together to fight for.

          For instance in Italy - a country in Europe which has the second best highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases has its citizen united on Friday March 13 singing their national anthem on their balcony. [Source: Quartz]

CoronaVirus: Special RELEASE Statement From FUTA About the Pandemic Virus

   Additionally; according to an Edition on CNN, the pandemic virus has brought the world together to fight against COVID-19 in which the artilce also buttress that this same unity can be used to battle Climate Crisis. 

#COVID19 Pandemic - The Bad News

 Total confirmed Coronavirus cases goes above 100 in Nigeria

   The Bad News is the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases had gone up - above 100 confirmed cases in Nigeria. Currently as at of April 1st 8pm; there are 174 total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria with 9 discharged and 2 deaths. [Source: NCDC Twitter Page]

COVID-19 Nigeria cases

         As for the World statistics from Wikipedia; there are 981,221 cases in 218 countries/territories with 50,230 deaths and 204,605 recovered. 

#TheLockDown: Nigeria announces and Imposes Total Lockdown to Curb Coronavirus

#COVID19Pandemic - The Worse Yet To Come

 Economic Impact on Nigeria and the World at Large

Although Nigeria just as other African countries were almost the last to be hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic Virus; however with cases going up almost everyday, the harsh economic impact due to the Coronavirus seems imminent.

     The Coronavirus Pandemic couple with some other things according to says it could wipe out the gains in the Nigerian economy.

But there's always HOPE...

  As long as we stay safe, stay Health and Stay at Home - Things will turn out better. More updates on COVID19 can be found on

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Coronavirus - The Good News, The Bad & The Worse

The Abdul-kabir Aliu Foundation scholarship is now opened for eligible brilliant Muslim FUTA Students to apply. The scholarship applciation closes on April 5 and it is best students apply on time.
AbdulKabir Aliu Foundation-scholarship for muslim students -

About Abdul-Kabir Aliu Foundation

The Abdul-kabir Aliu Foundation (AAF) scholarship is the initiative of Alhaji (Engr.) Abdulkabir Aliu, the CEO of Matrix Energy Group.
   From a modest beginning of 70 brilliant Muslim students in six federal universities at inception in 2014, the Foundation now accepts applications from Muslim students in 14 federal universities across the nation.

List of AAF Scholarship Eligible Universities and Partners

  1. University of Ibadan
  2. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
  3. University of Lagos
  4. Federal University of Technology, Akure
  5. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
  6. Federal University, Oyo-Ekiti
  7. University of Maiduguri
  8. University of Ilorin
  9. Federal University of Technology, Minna
  10. University of Port-Harcourt
  11. University of Abuja
  12. Federal University, Dutsin-Ma
  13. Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
  14. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

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How To Apply for the Scholarship for Muslim Students by AAF

In order to benefit from the scholarship; applicants are required to meet four simple eligibility criteria listed below:👇

  • Be a bonafide Muslim student in some selected federal universities
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of second class upper (2.1)* or its equivalent for medical students
  • Be of good moral behavior
  • Rank in the top percentile in our qualifying aptitude test.
For more information, 👉 DOWNLOAD the AAF Scholarship Document Here

The Abdul-Kabir Aliu Foundation Scholarship For Muslim FUTA Students & How to Apply