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Are you offering STA 201 Courses and you'd like an insight about the course outline as well as some other reading materials of the course? On this article; you'll be able to discover the STA 201 Course outline as well as download some of the STA 201 reading materials pdf.

STA 201 Course Outline

- Probability Spaces and Random Elements
- Distributions and Probability Densities
- Moments and Moments Inequalities
- Moment Generating and Characteristics Functions
- Sample Space
[Checkout also Sta 203 Reading Materials, Course Outline and PQ]
- Chebychev's Inequality
- Conditional Expectations
- Bayes Theorem
- Discrete and Continous Density Function
- Laws of Probability
- (Check your NOTES for complete course outline)

Stat 201 Probability Reading Materials

Sta 201 past Questions

STA 201 Course Outline and Reading Material

In today's wow facts section of FNG; we'll be taking a look at a very simple tips on how you can make your mobile phone charge much faster.

If your phone is on a very low energy level and you can't really wait for a long period of time for the phone to become FULL; you can use this tip to charge your phone faster.
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  Also if you discover your phone do take longer period of time before it got charged; you can as well try this hints to make it charge faster. So how do you do it?

Make Your Phone Charging Faster on Airplane Mode

  All you have to do is turn on the Airplane Mode on your Phone and plug the charger. Once your phone is on Airplane mode; it will be able to charge much more faster.

How To Make Your Mobile Phone Charging Faster

MTS 201 is a course which is taken by majority of all departments in FUTA in the second session which is 200 level. The course focuses on mathematical methods as some other interesting methods used in Mathematics for various fields.

    On this article; you'll find the course outline as well as Reading Materials and Past Questions

MTS 201 Course Outline

- Real Valued Function of a Real Variable
- Review of Differentiation & Integration & Their Application
- Mean Value Theorem
- Taylor Series
- Real Valued Function of Two or Three Variables
- Partial Derivatives
- Chain Rule
- Extrema
- Lagrange's Multipliers
- Increments
- Differential and Linear Approximations
- Evaluation of Linear Integral

(NOTE - This course outline might be subjected to changes. Hence it is best to follow your lecture notes in class as well as what the lecturers taught you)

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MTS 201 Reading Material

There are lots of different materials you can lay your hands on as regards this MTS 201 course. Some of these materials will be procure to you during lecture time. However you can also make use of the MTS 201 Mathematical Method Reading Material Here :)

MTS 201 Past Questions and Answers

At FutaNewsandGist; we are still trying to update the database for practise questions so students can make good use of them. 

MTS 201 Course Outline, Reading Materials and Past Questions

Would you love to know how to build amazing website and blogs? Then here's an opportunity for you to learn with the WordPress Hackathon Akure hosted by TalktechNG for FREE.

What Is WordPress Akure Hackathon All About?

WordPress is a very popular and flexible software which is used to build website and blogs even if you're not deeply knowledgeable in coding.

  In case you did not know - As at now; WordPress powers up to 32% of the Internet.
     In the WordPress Akure Hackathon which is powered by TalkTech; you'll get to learn about how WordPress works as well as how you can use it to build website and blogs

How To Register for the WordPress Akure Hackathon

If you want to register for the WordPress Akure Hackathon; you can register via the link HERE.

What's TalkTechNG All About?

TalkTechNG is a fast growing community of  over 11,000 members who comprises of over tech enthusiasts, tech geeks, IT professionals in different information technology fields.
     To learn more about the community as well as to join, visit the Talktech website at

WordPress Hackathon In Akure With TalkTech

One of the most oldest and still currently used means of communication used in passing information to the public is Radio. If you wanted to get LIVE news or the latest happenings in your locality; a Radio is simply one of the best means.

    On this article; we'll be taken a look at some of the top best radio stations in the city of Akure.

Radio Stations in Akure

A Radio according to [Wikipedia] is simply the technology of signalling or communicating using radio waves. These radio waves are usually electromagnetic waves of frequency between 30hertz(Hz) and 300gigahertz(GHz) generated by an electronic device called transmitter.

   To know more about how Radio works; Checkout this Radio article on Wikipedia
In order not to bore you with unncessary details; now let's find out the top best Radio Stations in Akure as well as their locations and frequencies

Unordered List of Best Radio Stations in Akure, Locations and Frequencies

1. FUTA FM Radio State

Futa FM Radio station is situated at Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) just beside the University Bookshop.

     The frequency to listen to FUTA FM Radio is 93.1 and you can also follow them on twitter @FutaRadio931Fm

2. Empire FM Radio

Empire FM is an urban hit music radio which has its location at Oshokoti Layout, behind BJ filling station, Akure-Owo Expressway, Akure, Ondo state.

   Their frequency is 104.5 and you can visit their website at to get to know them more better.

3. Breeze FM Radio

Breeze FM radio with the frequency 93.1 is situated alongside Ijoka, Akure, Ondo State Nigeria. 

4. Adaba FM

Adaba FM radio station can be found on the air with their frequency 88.9. Their location are at Ilara Mokin in Akure,

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5. Orange FM

Orange FM frequency is at 94.5 in which they cover various news on the radio station. You can as well checkout their site at 

6. Positive FM

Positive FM Radio station can be discovered on their frequency at 102.5.

And more...

  While there are other radio stations too ; the list on this post are unordered lists of the Top Best Radio stations in Akure. 

Radio Stations In Akure, Locations, and Frequencies

Python is an elegant as well as robust programming language which can be used to perform many tasks and exhibits the power as well as general applicability of traditional compiled programming language.
     While there are several things that which you can do with the programming language; we will be taking a look at how you can create a password generator code using python.

If you are a FUTA Student; python is a programming language in which you'll be taught during the course of your study while in school. Most of the students who would undergo this Python programming language will encounter it in their second year which is called Python CSC 201.
[You Might also want to: Download CS 201 Python Programming PDF Here]

Python Password Generator Tutorial and Code

If you've actually been practising a lot of stuff with Python and want to see how you can write a code that can generate password randomly; then you'll find this article handy.
    In order to be able to do that; you'll need to first write the python code for the password generator. If you have no idea of any; simply download below

[Click Here To Download Python Password Generator Code Here]
After downloading the file; choose any of the numbered 1 - 8 of the python code and insert it into your Python Shell, then run the program.
   The program will automatically run and generate a strong/weak password for you!

And there you go!

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[CSC 201] - Python Password Generator Tutorial and Code

Whenever you hear the word library, what picture comes to your mind? Is it the picture of a boring place with lots of boring books and for boring people;/

    Or you think the FUTA library is just a place whereby one can ONLY get in there to read books? Well, am about to blow your mind as you’ll later discover there are actually more to the library than reading books.

Albert Ilemobade FUTA Library which initially started with a simple modest collection of 5000 books in its early days but now boast of over 70,000 books and still counting. However the Library is not famous for only its’ collection of books but also some other awesome features that which it had.
But before we dive into those awesome features; you might want to read a little bit but important story about the history of Albert Ilemobade FUTA Library ;)

Done that? Now let’s take a look at the amazing things you can actually do in the FUTA Library – which you MIGHT NOT KNOW ALREADY

4 Amazing Things You Can 'Actually' Do In FUTA Library

1. Free Computers For Research & Students Use 

   If you are a Futarian and you have some documents on your Personal Computer that you want to read or work on; you can actually bring your laptop to the Futa library for use. But what if you DO NOT HAVE A PC?

     That’s why the FUTA e-library Center is there for you to use. In the e-Library section; there are lots of computers with comfortable seats in a calm environment for you to use for absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

       With these computers; you can make research online for your projects, do your GNS online Assignments, access other professional courses online related to your fields, print out vital information and much more.
Click Here to know how to Register for the e-Library and It's Full Features

2. Latest Newspaper Headlines Today

    Do you know there's a section in the FUTA library where you can actually read the latest newspaper headlines today? I mean the very headlines news of that day :)

     So if you are someone who's curious to know about what's going on the society; the latest happenings or trends as well as opportunities; you can take advantage of this section by reading and checking out the latest newspaper headlines news in Nigeria.

3. Group Reading or Hangout

   Perhaps you were taught a certain topic inside class and you feel like working it out as a group? There's a section in the FUTA library whereby you can come together and work in group as students. Just as long as you're all a bona fide FUTA library user.

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4. Visual and Audio Materials

  The audio and Visual Reading materials also contain wide variety of materials in form of Visual so as to make it easier for library users to get acquainted easily. So if you are someone who learns faster in form of visual or audio; you can actually go to this Unit to learn.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do In FUTA Library