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Being a 'Bonafide' FUTA Student isn't only about having the FUTA ID Card hanging around your neck. It is also about knowing the right Lecture theater as well as right places in school in order to save you stress and time.
10 places in FUTA You Should Know

       While there are lots of places, lecture theater, recreational places, buildings and etc in the Institution; the FutaNewsandGist Crew had culled out some of the most important places and listed them in this article you are about to read. To cut the long story short; here are 10 Important Places You Should Know Inside FUTA.

1. FUTA Senate Building

  The Senate Building is the like the power building that govern the laws and regulations of the Institution. As a FUTA Student, it is the place where you get to collect your notification of results - if you needed it for scholarship or Transcript and the likes.

   The Senate Building is a Go-To Area if you needed the Notification of your result to know your current G.P as well as collect Transcripts.

2. ETF Lecture Theatre

While there are different and lots of Lecture theaters popularly referred to as LT inside the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), there are some Lecture theater you'll need to be familiar with as a Student.

    The most popular lecture theatre is the ETF 750 Capacity Lecture theater as almost all students in the school will one time or the other have their lecture in this LT. You might want to read find out 100L - 500L First Semester Courses You Must Watch Out For.

3. Student Union Building (SUB)

The Student Union Building can also simply be referred to as the FUTASU Secretariat. But apart from serving as that; it is also a place for recreational activities - such as Food, Drinks, Relaxing, Buying Materials, and e.t.c

  More importantly; if you have anything you'd like to make complain about as regards your studentship; you can visit the SUB building and ask for the FUTASU Office. 

4. Computer Resource Center (CRC)

For all your FUTA Computer Based Exams (CBE) or Computer Based Test (CBT), the Computer Resource Center [CRC] is located the department of Computer Science is a place that all bonafide students must be familiar with.

  This simply means as a FUTArian, all of your exams and tests which are to be done with Computer will be done at CRC. As a matter of fact; Post Utme Candidates are not left out as they do also make use of the Computer Resource Center for their exams.

FUTA Aspirants : Download All FUTA Post UTME Past Questions

5. FUTA Albert Ilemobade Library

Almost each faculty in the Federal University of Technology, Akure had their own Library for educational purposes. However Albert Ilemobade Library is the General Library which comprises of all of the Faculty Course materials - digital and physical materials for students' use.

    Not only that the library is for reading alone; you can as well have Educational Discussion in the Hangout Session, discover latest happenings via the Newspaper section, Use a PC for free at the E-library section and more.

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To be continued....
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Earlier on FutaNewsandGist, we shared about 100L - 500L Second Semester Course that you must watch out for. If you missed the article, you can read it here.

  On this article written by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) ; we'll be taking a look at the First Semester Courses That Which You Should Look Out for - from 100level to 50level

FUTA courses -

FUTA 100L - 500L First Semester Courses All FUTArians Must Watch Out For

100 level First Semester - MEE 101 Practical Drawing

    As a fresher; one of the course you should (i mean MUST) watch out for is the MEE 101 Technical drawing course. This course is your first step to undergo FUTA stress and the funny thing about it is - almost all students irregardless of departments will take this course.

      There is the hassle of taking MEE board and materials up and down, the hassle of trying to fit in your paper on the board, the hassle of trying to catch up what the lecturer is illustrating on the board and etc.

Download MEE 101 Practise and Past Questions

200 Level First Semester- GNS 201  

GNS 201 is a 200 level FUTA First Semester courses that which might seems simple but yet can be easily carried over. It is a course that discuss about politics, community, ethics as well as the society we live in.

       One thing to NOTE about this course is that you must ENSURE to attend all Classes. Reading Materials are rare and it is also one of the course you'll surely get to enjoy.

 Is GNS 201 PDF Available to Read

300 Level First Semester - EMT 301  (Theory)

   Entrepreneurship is a course that teaches students skills to help them empower themselves that which they can use to earn for themselves in the nearest future. In this first semester; EMT 301 is like an introduction which help you get familiarized with entrepreneurship.

   Then in second semester; you would get to engage in the practical aspect of entrepreneurship.

Photos Speak: 300 Level Entrepreneurship Skills and Products Exhibition

400 Level First Semester - Preparation for IT

Although Industrial Training (known as IT) is done in 2nd Semester just like Entrepreneurship (EMT Practical Skills) is done in second Semester, However you should try to prepare for the placement before the end of 1st Semester. 

   This will make it easier for you to easily resume at your choice of IT Place in due time. 

Meet Mr Lawal Saheed Adesile - FUTA Best Graduating Student 2019

500 Level - Final Year Project

  During 500 Level First Semester; you'll be introduced to your final year project - this includes what your project is going to be all about as well as how to go about it.
    It is highly advisable that you begin working on your project as soon as possible so as to avoid unnecessary hassle at end-point time.

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100L - 500L First Semester FUTA Courses You Must Watch Out For

Are you a Fresher or Returning student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure and wondering the amount of School fees for your current level? Here's how to check FUTA School fees for 2019/2020 session.

Federal University of Technology, Akure - FutaNewsandGist

FUTA School Fees 2019/2020 Session For 100L-500L

Whether you want to make payment for your school fees at current session or you just curious to know how much you would pay for your school fees; here is how to check futa school fees 2019/2020 for freshers and returning students.

     All you have to do is log in to your Undergraduate Portal, Select Payments and then School Fees. For detailed info, read the below article earlier published on FNG.

FUTA SCHOOL FEES Payment Procedure for Freshers and Returning Students [With Screenshots]

How To Apply For Hostel Accomodation

After making payments for school fees; you can now apply for Hostel accomodation. NOTE that you won't be able to apply for HOSTEL if you haven't yet make payment for, and as well as confirm your school fees.
    [GUIDE] - How To Apply For FUTA Hostel Accomodation

How To Easily Get Accomodation OFF-Campus 

If you are looking for accomodation off campus; it might be an hassle trying to search for one all by yourself most especially if you're looking for the accomodation in a new environment you are not versed with.
      However you can easily contact Lodge4Me to help you find, crosscheck and view one in an instant. To know more about Lode4Me; see

Lodge4Me Now Makes It Easier For All Students To Easily Find Accomodation

FUTA School Fees For 2019/2020 Session [ Freshers and Returning Students]

WordPress is a Content Management System which can be used to build amazing and breathtaking website. Apart from the fact that it is easier to manage - WordPress is also a robust CMS and little wonder why so much of the internet is powered by WordPress!

 SHOCKING FACT ⇒ WordPress powers 35% of the Internet !

 The Akure WordPress Community powered by Talktech will be featuring another WordPress Meetup titled: Beyond the basics where you'll get to learn what makes WordPress a special platform and why so much of the internet is powered by it.

WordPress Akure Meetup -

 How To Register for WordPress Meetup Season 3: Beyond the Basics

 Meetup is slated for January 25th, 2020 ("Beyond The Basics")
 To register for the meetup: Visit
Time: 10am
Venue: Value Konnect Hub,1, Leo Junction, Oyemekun Rd, Akure

 **Limited Seats Available

 Checkout: Pictures and Projects From WordPress Hackathon Akure Season 1

WordPress Meetup Akure Season 3: Beyond the Basics 2020


This is to inform all undergraduate Students, newly admitted and returning, that the 2019/2020 ONLINE registration exercise commences on Monday, 13th January, 2020.

The NORMAL registration continues between Sunday, 26th January and Friday, 7th February, 2020.

LATE registration for all students will begin on Monday 10th February, 2020 and end on Monday, 24th February, 2020.

[FULL DETAILS] - Registration Commences for all FUTA Students for 2019/2020 Session 

The University portal for this exercise will be closed by 12 midnight of Monday 24th February, 2020.

Please note that all concerned students MUST abide by this  arrangement to the letter as there would be NO opportunity to register after the expiration of the period of registration.

All spillover students are specially advised to strictly adhere to this schedule.

Thank you



UPDATE: To All Undergraduate Students (Newly Admitted and Returning)

This is to notify both fresh and as well as returning students that the Registration for the 2019/2020 session commences today Monday, 13th of January, 2020.

   You can begin Registration by Login to your Undergraduate Portal.

How To Login to FUTA Undergraduate Portal (Fresher and Returning Student)

FUTA Fresher Registration Guide

The fresh students can proceed with their bio-data Registration and  payment of school fees while returning students' can proceed with their payment of school fees and course registration.

FUTA School Fees Amount 

Amount to be paid by each level is revealed on the payment page of the undergraduate portal. All payments are to be made via the remitta platform after generating your Unique RRR.

FUTA Accommodation Application Guide 

Application for accommodation is yet to commence has the page is yet to be finalized, students would be informed in due time.

[PHOTOS SPEAK] - 300 Level Students Entrepreneurship Products and Skills Exhibition

Closing Date of 2019/2020 ACADEMIC Session Registration 

Also note that normal registration ends on 25th of January, 2020, late registration attracts fine, which also have an ending date.
    In a bid to avoid was transpired last semester. All students are implored to complete their registration within the stipulated period.

A New Time Schedule had been fixed for the Closing Date of Normal Registration. View the New Schedule Here
Happy Resumption from FutaNewsandGist to all Futarians,

REGISTRATION Commences For FUTA 2019/2020 ACADEMIC Session. Check FULL DETAILS Inside

If you have been offered admission into FUTA, we at say a big congratulations to you - For many wishes, hope as well as work very hard so they can make it to being called a bonafide Student of FUTA but only few were selected.
   However just before you resume school as a fresher, there are some things we thought you should be informed of, so you can be better prepared.

federal university of technology akure fresher

The Federal University of Technology, Akure is one of the best University in Nigeria currently ranked 8th out of Top 100 Universities in Nigeria [2020]. Apart from being a Federal University, it is also one of the few notable Federal University of Technology in Nigeria.
   In order to make the best use of your stay in FUTA; FutaNewsandGist had compiled some resources to help you get better prepared.

5 Things You Should Know Before Resuming Into FUTA as a Fresher

1. RIGHT Information is Power

   You might have heard this sentence several times that - "Information is the key" | Of course, this is quite right and FUTA is not exceptional. Luckily; information is easier to access because of the level of ICT knowledge in FUTA which makes it easier to get informed through the official FUTA Website (
     However just as Information is the key, MISINFORMATION can also be disastrous. This is why as a FRESHER, you must be careful of the source of Information. Just as a popular quote once stated;
  "Do not Trust the Source of a News, Trust the Reliability of the News itself"

   Some recommended source of reliable information are FUTA Official Fanpage | FUTASU Twitter, |

2. You Should Try not to Miss the Orientation Programs.

    Orientation programs are programs designed to help you as a Fresher settle quickly in school. At the beginning of the session, the Federal University of Technology, Akure always organize orientation programs for FRESHERS so as to be informed of some certain important information about the school.

    You can find the date for FUTA Orientation program at the School Academic Calendar.

Intermission: MSSN FUTA Plans to Organize Orientation program for FRESHERS on Moral and Academic Excellence.

3. Never Under-Estimate the Power of Reading Materials

READING MATERIALS not only allow you to better understand the topic that you were taught in class but also gives you an edge on what you should know it. You'll find a lot of reading materials here on FutaNewsandGist and you can as well Download Past Questions to help you better prepare for exams.
   These soft copy materials have a lot of advantages such as offering a flexible means of gaining knowledge.

reading on ipad -

4. Open Your Mind To Opportunities

One of the most interesting thing about the Federal University of Technology, Akure is that it has a lot of opportunities for the minds that are willing and ready to learn. 
   Opportunities such as the Developer Student Clubs, Entrepreneurship programs, ICT Seminars, Scholarships and etc are something you should open your mind to so you can be able to build yourself intellectually as well as level your skills.

   You can view some of the Opportunities in FUTA here that we've published already on FutaNewsandGist.

5. Hope For the Best, Prepare for the Worse

   While there are a lot of beautiful things about FUTA; it is not easier as it sounds. Before you can level up your skills, you have to be ready to commit yourself. And before you can make it to the Deans List; you have to work very hard in your academics.
     This is why a certain #MondayMotivation Quote on the FutaNewsandGist website says; "You should Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worse"

Wishing you the very best!
  For more information or enquiries; Join the FutaNewsandGist Group here
Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)
Chief Editor, FutaNewsandGist

FRESHERS: 5 Things You Should Know Before Resuming Into FUTA

Recently the FUTASU SUG made a poll on twitter asking of FUTA Students opinion if they would like Unlimited Access to FUTA WiFi for a whole session at an additional cost of #2000  || From the poll; majority support the idea while some oppose the notion due to certain reasons.

Yes or No? || Access to FUTA WiFi For a Session at #2000
 Below are some of the comments drawn from the twitter poll as well as FutaNewsandGist Personal interaction with some FUTA Students;

FUTA Students opinion on FUTA WiFi

Students' Opinion in Support of the IDEA

1. "Sometimes some of us spent more than that amount in two months for Internet connection. If FUTA Introduces this; it will help reduce the amount we spent on data connection" - Caleb

2. "Internet is very important in today's Age and this idea would allow students to have access to Internet anytime anyday. So they wouldn't have to worry about running out of data subscription" - "Deremi

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Students' Opinion on Speed of the Connection

3. "It is a great idea but the problem is; there would be a high number of students using it. This might leads to Poor connection and prevent one from truly enjoying using it" - Ma'rufah

4. "Yes, provided the network will not be slow because sometimes when i buy from CRC, the speed is not encouraging. Talkless of whole school using it" - Father John

[LIVE] - Watch FUTA Convocation Cermony and Awards of Certificates to Graduants

Students' Opinion on Location and Coverage  

5. "I think it is a good idea just that only people on campus will have access to it anytime and anyday." - Nuel Simons

6. "I wouldn't mind paying for it but there's an exception. For someone who stays a farther distance from school, they might not be able to enjoy it. I think they should extend the coverage and also improve speed" - Zainab

Students' Opinion on the Cost

7. "To me, i think the school can and should try to peg it at #1000. It's a great idea nevetheless" - Alli

8. "I thought the access to WiFi is part of the ICT fee in the schedule of fees. Am not in support of the management adding extra fee to school fees" - Ogunkeye Segun
[SPEECH] - Meet Lawal Saheed Adesile, Best Graduating Student Clas '19

From the FutaNewsandGist Editor Desk

    Having Access to FUTA WiFi unlimited for a whole session at the cost of #2000 is not such a bad idea. However; we at FutaNewsandGist think if such idea is to be implemented; a lot of work needs to be done as regards the SPEED as well as COVERAGE.

     Although most students think the cost is a bit high; our stand on that fee remains neutral but it will be appreciated if the cost is reduced to a minimal.

- - - - - - - - - - 

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FUTA Students' Opinions Regarding Access to FUTA WiFi for #2000 per Session Poll

In a recent tweet by the FUTA Student Union; a poll was asked to seek Students opinion on what they think about having access to FUTA WiFi for a Session at an additional cost of #2000.

Importance of Internet for Students and in Modern Life

The Internet is an extremely important thing in which it's importance in not only in education but also other fields such as business, healthcare, government and etc. 
    For Students; there is a great need for Internet in order to make research in order to improvise in their fields. Also; Internet helps to discover opportunities for students - the list is endless.

Major Obstacles To Using Internet Today in Nigeria

Despite the importance of Internet as earlier mentioned; there are still some obstacles to Internet usage in Nigeria. Some of these issues includes slow connection and heavy data rates. Although in the part of data rates; Nigerian telecoms are improvising on reducing data rates.
     However the issue of slow connection is still something that needs to be tackled with.

FUTA Planning to Introduce FUTA WiFi for all Students - Your Opinion

I could recall at a particular when i was discussing with someone who says it would have been best if all FUTA Students had access to Free WiFi even if it were to be included among school fees. This would save a lot of students having to worry about running out of internet subscription. 

 What do you think about an addition of #2000 for access to WiFi for a whole session? leave your opinion below:

Yes or No? || An Access to FUTA WiFi for a Session at #2000?

Eniola Olaniyan is one of the most popular Actor in the Nollywood industry. In the recent 31st Convocation Ceremony of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, he Bags a PHD in Meteorology and Climate Science.

Eniola Olaniyi Bag PHD in FUTA
Dr Olaniyan is not only a prolific actor but also a scientist who had demonstrated versatility in two different spheres of human endeavor

[LIVE] Watch FUTA 31st Convocation Ceremony

Eniola Olaniyi
 Congratulations Doc. 

Popular Nollywood Actor Eniola Olaniyan Bags PHD from FUTA